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Ayurveda Starter Session | 60 min | $80

with Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Specialist & Educator

Many come to Ayurveda in search of healing, reclaiming agency in their health story, and learning how to sustainably make changes that last. In her years of practice, Janae has supported clients as they began to:​


  • Improve Digestion

  • Improve Energy

  • Balance Blood Sugar

  • Balance Hormones 

  • Increase Immunity

  • Increase Mental Clarity 

  • Manage Stress 

  • Regulate the Nervous System

  • Improve Sleep

  • Improve Mood

  • Understand your unique constitution and how to optimize your health with this knowledge

  • Receive education on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic Practices

  • Reach health & wellness goals in mind & body 

  • Maintain balanced well-being 

  • Feel empowered as a self-healer

'I am forever grateful for Janae, ​her wealth of knowledge and the beautiful plans she offers to support us to be our most balanced selves.'

- M.S

In this comprehensive first step we will explore your health concerns and goals through pulse assessment, tongue & nail analysis, discussion and through Q&A about Ayurveda and its methods.

The Ayurveda Starter Session is the perfect place to begin for those who are:

- curious to learn more about Ayurveda and how it can enhance your healing & health

- interested in learning their constitution (combination of Vata, Pitta, Kapha) and current overall imbalance

- ready to begin layering Ayurvedic practices into their day-to-day (dinacharya) and seasonally (ritucharya) for sustained wellbeing

You will receive a customized protocol plan that we co-create together and can be implemented right away to encourage balance & healing in your day-to-day. This plan may include:

  • Lifestyle recommendations (daily habits & routines) 

  • Dietary guidelines and recommendations

  • Exercise/movement 

  • Teas and/or nutritional supplementation 







Ayurveda Lifestyle Session | 60 min | $80

with Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Specialist & Educator

Create your best life with the help of Ayurveda’s blueprint for living in alignment with your unique constitution and tendencies. This blueprint is traditionally called dinacharya, or daily ritual, or ritucharya, seasonal ritual, and it is through these customized practices that optimal and sustained health becomes an easeful way of life for you.

We continue adapting your personalized protocol plan as your body heals and comes back into balance while taking the guesswork out of creating a maintainable and sustainable wellness plan.

These wellness plans may include: morning & evening routines, dietary adjustments, and exercise/movement recommendations.

You can also anticipate guidance on …

  • Living in harmony with seasonal shifts- either nature's seasons or life seasons

  • Cleanses for better digestion and mental clarity

  • Ongoing weight management support

  • Optimizing life/work flow through the Ayurvedic Clock

  • Incorporating traditional Ayurvedic practices such as Abyangha (self massage with oil) or Pranayama (breathework), and/or customized yoga sequences for addressing specific needs

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'I have worked with Janae on many things and every time she helps to bring clarity, focus and clear direction so that I can show up in the world how I want and need to!'

- M.G

Janae Christopher

Ayurveda Lifestyle Specialist & Educator & Office Manager 

Janae is on a mission to inspire you to flourish with lasting well-being through a holistic approach. Through her own experience of living Ayurveda to heal from chronic illness, she realized that the key to lasting health and vitality is reconnecting to our elemental nature and the natural world that we exist within. To fulfill her purpose and passion of teaching and guiding others in the Ayurveda way, she has certified as a 200hr Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda Yoga Specialist, Life & Life Purpose Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistics Programming) Practitioner, Okuden Level Reiki practitioner & continues to study and grow her body of knowledge. She has been guiding private clients and students through sessions, classes, and workshops since 2016, and supporting the Ayurveda Natural Health Center since 2018. Her work is very much inspired by nature and focuses on circadian & circalunar syncing while establishing sustained wellness through the practices, foods and habits that we do each and every day. You can work with Janae through the Ayurveda Starter & Lifestyle Sessions or the 90 day circadian syncing program

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'Working with Janae has been such a blessing. She held space so beautifully for me to unpeel some of the layers that have been holding me stuck when it comes to acceptance around my body and my well-being.'​

- L.B

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