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Letter from Anjali on Remote Sessions - June 4, 2020


Both my clients and I are amazed at how effective remote sessions truly are. I have been able to feel people’s pulses remotely through my own! I was able to test this on several people first that were in-person as I felt their pulses (both constitutional and organ pulses) through my own and then tested feeling their pulses on their wrists and it was exactly the same! I have now done this for months with great success. As I go from client to client in session after session remotely, each person’s pulse changes - but through feeling it on my own. For instance, one person may have Vata in the liver and the next person will have sluggish Kapha in their liver. I am in awe of the limitless possibilities of the power of intention! With this approach, I am able to do sessions remotely just as effectively as in person. I would say 95% of the work I do in person, I can now do remotely too. It works even for initial clients who I have never seen before. I do these sessions over the phone or by video chat.


I have also added bodywork to what I can do remotely. I am thoroughly amazed that I can feel what is going on in people’s bodies even remotely. I can feel a person's bones, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid and brain nuclei remotely under my fingertips just as if the client was in person with me! Through this, I have learned even more deeply that we are not limited by our physical bodies and we truly are energetic beings. So from now on, remote sessions will be added as a permanent selection in our choice of offerings along with in-person sessions. In these remote sessions I can do the following:


  • Ayurvedic Pulse Assessment and Custom Management Plans including lifestyle, herbal and food guidelines to create and maintain optimum mind-body balance.

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution to discharge pain or issues in our tissues.

  • Lymph Drainage to increase immunity and well-being and lower inflammation.

  • Brain and Cranio-sacral work to bring the body in structural alignment and improve brain functioning and sleep.

  • Teach or review the self Mayan Abdominal Massage and other self-care tips

  • Panchakarma consultations for a home-based cleansing and rejuvenation program


In fact, a few months ago I even did a Panchakarma cleansing and rejuvenation program remotely for a new initial client who I had never seen in person. This is what she said:


“I recently completed a 5 day Panchakarma program. We had planned to do it at the facility, however with the current situation we had to do it remotely. I was disappointed at first and wondered how effective a remote Panchakarma would be. I was very surprised at how effective it was! It really helped me reset my gut, and helped a lot with my anxiety and racing mind. I never thought my head could be this slow and quiet. Anjali was a great support, and gave me many different therapeutic applications and practices that not only you can do during the cleanse but carry on to help keep your mind, body, and spirit in balance. I highly recommend the 5 day Panchakarma. I plan to do a cleanse again, hopefully at the facility.”


Please schedule your appointment at If you need to defer your payment, need a sliding scale option, or want to schedule Panchakarma consultations remotely, you can email us at and we will do our best to serve your needs.


With utmost regards,


Remote Session Testimonials

"My remote sessions with Anjali have been amazing. All energy is connected and with intention she can use the energy to treat people from a distance. Each session has been comforting and effective." - C.B.

"I'm impressed by how amazingly Anjali could ‘read me’ remotely.  Very cool!" - K.R.

"My remote sessions with Anjali were very helpful and I am amazed at the effectiveness of the work we were able to do. I received brain therapy, and even though we were miles apart I could tell where she was focusing on my head. It was almost like being there in person." - J.C. 

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