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What Clients are Saying

'My experience has been nothing short of transformative.'

As a recently retired family physician with over 45 years of experience in allopathic medicine in the USA, I've witnessed remarkable advancements in medical science. Despite these progresses, I often observed that many chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and various mental health issues commonly stem from poor personal habits. While modern medicine offers effective prevention, it sometimes overlooks the holistic aspect of health.


Having been born and educated in India, I was always surrounded by the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, especially during my medical studies at Banaras Hindu University, a place steeped in educational heritage. Ayurveda's integration into our society, despite its contrast to the more recently introduced allopathic practices, has always intrigued me.


Upon retirement, I chose to delve deeper into this ancient system of medicine at the Ayurveda Natural Health Center in Dayton, Ohio, under the guidance of Anjali Brannon, a Doctor level certified Ayurvedic practitioner. My experience has been nothing short of transformative. Anjali's approach is thoughtful, thorough, and deeply knowledgeable. Through her guidance in food, herbal remedies, massage, and meditation, I've gained insights into the balance and vitality that Ayurveda promotes.


I wholeheartedly recommend Anjali Brannon to anyone seeking to enhance their health through Ayurveda. Her dedication and expertise make her an exceptional practitioner, complementing allopathic care with ancient wisdom to address the root causes of health imbalances. 

- A.A., MD, FAAFP Family Physician

'Anjali seems to lead with her heart.'


The work Anjali Brannon does is invaluable.


If you have any lingering symptoms from covid, run, don't walk, to see her for treatment. Through a process of lymph drainage and somatic trauma resolution, symptoms I had been feeling were remedied...the feeling afterward was as though they had never happened.


Anjali seems to lead with her heart. The processes she uses and her skill with them are not only effective but go above and beyond in an indescribable way, in implementing and supporting the healing process. I highly recommend Anjali and her expertise as a practitioner. 


As a footnote the session was done remotely via zoom adding support for the efficacy of the work whether done in person or from a 'distance'

- L.R., Counselor and Mind and Body Therapist

'This technology in the hand of such a capable person as Anjali has changed my life.'


I have had the pleasure of working with Anjali Brannon with a form of visualization and transgression that I found extremely powerful called Somatic Trauma Resolution.  I am a 54 year old woman with metastasis breast cancer.  I used standard treatment when I was originally diagnosed, but upon reoccurrence found myself unwilling to continue in this manner. I have meditated most of my life, therefore her approach was very comfortable for me.  She asked me to reveal points in my life in which I had experienced defining moments that created discord.  She then guided me through each situation at the physical level.


As the experience began to unfold, I was struck  by the feelings that were revealed in my body and the subsequent images that arose as I took my mind to the location that was exposed.  I was able to stay present to the feelings and images until they naturally dissipated, like the clouds in the sky.  As I moved through this process I found myself feeling lighter and less encumbered.  By the end, I truly felt a profound sense of well being and centeredness that I have never felt before.  This feeling has remained with me.  I was struck upon my return home by the effect it had on new interactions.  When faced with dynamic environments, I felt that for the first time I could focus upon that singular event rather than responding to a past impression and response.  By not engaging in conversation around the old upset, and focusing upon the sensations, a more expedient release mechanism is engaged at a biological level with a true release that is physically discernable.  Doctors can often give a temporary cure but healing is something that must be done by oneself.

This technology in the hand of such a capable person as Anjali has changed my life.  I feel grateful and hope that anyone really wanting to release past damaging impression should consider this method.  I can say with great confidence that this work has done more good than anything I have found other than my spiritual practice in enhancing and supporting my well being.

 - Krista T.

'I never felt this relief in my life, as if that I never had Endometriosis in my life.'


I have painful periods for 5 yrs., then diagnosed with Endometriosis and had surgery on 2007. After two years of surgery, still had the pelvic pain during normal days, very painful periods and I feel like my life is totally in hell. I went to see the gynecologist; she prescribed me birth control pills, which leads to side effects like weight gain, skin discoloration, hair loss, acne. I was put in diet control (protein rich), exercising every day, but still my life isn’t normal. My gynecology doctor, put me in different birth control pill, but still I had all these side effects along with heaviness in pelvic region.


One day, I was researching about Ayurveda, and found Midwest Ayurveda which was 90 miles from my location. I called them; Sherry was so friendly and sweet she gave me appointment in the same week. When I was driving there, I had very bad pelvic pain, which put me in lot of stress.


I reached there on time, and Anjali welcomed me very friendly and she patiently listened to my medical history, she look at my finger nails, tongue, and pulse. Then she did arvigo abdominal massage to my stomach. I feel very relaxed and relieved from the pain, when she did the massage. She taught me to do the self-care massage every day at home.


When I left the clinic, I really felt relieved and relaxed, and my heaviness in the pelvic region was gone. I never felt this relief in my life, as if that I never had Endometriosis in my life. Then I followed Anjali’s self-care massage at my home, which gave me wonderful results, now I am experiencing how the normal life is.. Which I missed few years back.  I am very happy that I found Anjali, she is really incredible, just by doing massage, without any medications, the pelvic pain is totally gone and my periods are totally normal and regular.  


Now I felt, why didn’t I find her few years back before my surgery, I wouldn’t have gone thru surgery, suffered with painful periods and many side effects. Anjali is my life saver … I am glad that I found  her.

- Anonymous Client

'Anjali’s work is uniquely effective; she is a healer’s healer.'


Fortunately for us, Anjali’s wisdom is as deep as her knowledge; spending time with her is the ultimate act of self-care and one of the most effectual healing practices I have experienced. The combination of her Ayurvedic knowledge and her intuitive application of Somatic Trauma Resolution enabled me to better understand how I might bring my body and spirit into balance.  In addition to those gifts, the two most profound ways in which I have been forever influenced by my time with Anjali include her introduction of the practice of Heartfulness Meditation and the Arvigo techniques of ancient Mayan abdominal massage.  The implementation Heartfulness meditation technologies helped me gain a joyful and loving perspective and opened a spaciousness preceding egoic reactions to life’s perceived frustrations. Mayan abdominal massage revolutionized the health and position of my uterus, balancing my abdominal organs and infusing them with blood flow as well as completely reliving the inconvenience of disruptive bladder leakage. Each of these modalities is the embodiment of applying loving care to the mind and body and the impact of that investment directly upon physical health. Anjali’s work is uniquely effective; she is a healer’s healer and I am profoundly grateful for her care. 

- Tonia F.

Gratitude for Pancha Karma


Thank you for the incredible experience you provided during my first experience with Pancha Karma. I appreciate your graciousness when taking into account my past, present and future as you guided me through my sessions. Our time together has had a positive effect on my mental and physical health and the benefits will help me during my journey.

- A.H., Nurse

'My colleagues are amazed at how healthy I seem!'

I would recommend Anjali for anyone experiencing chronic pain! I fought my spinal pain for five years by undergoing surgery, two rounds of physical therapy, chiropractors, and family doctors who provided pain medication. After just one somatic trauma resolution appointment with Anjali, I noticed a significant decrease in my pain. After two appointments, I was able to exercise, wear shoes that were not orthopedic, and perform my job as a first grade teacher without any discomfort! My colleagues are amazed at how healthy I seem this year. 

-Mindy H.

'I am feeling a definite change.'


As a result of one remote Ayurvedic consultation and two remote Somatic Trauma Resolution sessions with Anjali, I am feeling a definite change in my self very notably around defining healthy boundaries in my close relationships. After the sessions, I feel comparatively clear and confident. It’s amazing how this happened so quickly after months of trying to cause such a change with effort! 


- E. K.

- M. P.

'She shares your successes joyfully.'


Anjali and her ayurvedic practice turned my life around after a devastating diagnosis. Anjali treats the physical health with natural medicines, and more importantly, treats both the mental and emotional health, as well. 

She shares your successes joyfully, as if they were her own. She commiserates with your setbacks, and sees you through to healing and happiness. Anjali and Janae, thank you both. You are a blessing in my life. Namaste. 


'I felt a significant decrease in head and neck pain.'


I had an amazing session with Anjali Brannon at Ayurveda Natural Health Center today. I believe that Anjali and Eastern medicine are helping to lessen my daily chronic migraine pain. I felt a significant decrease in head and neck pain - from 5/6 to 1/2. In about 90 minutes without meds, injections, infusions, etc. I really feel like this new approach is helping me, more than anything thus far. Anyone in chronic pain...check it out.


- Jennifer P.

'After one remote healing session with Anjali, via Zoom, all of these symptoms have disappeared!'

I had a session with Anjali to remove residual COVID from my body and perform lymph drainage. I'd been diagnosed with Long Haul COVID. Occasionally, I would wake up with nausea, tingling and weakness in my legs and upper arms and feel faint.  These episodes generally lasted 2 weeks or more leaving me unable to do anything, because the more I moved, the worse these symptoms became.  I've been experiencing these symptoms for about a year and none of my doctors knew how to treat it.  After one remote healing session with Anjali, via zoom, all of these symptoms have disappeared!  Many thanks and lots of love to Anjali. I now have my life back.

- Brenda

'Anjali is effortless in her gentle approach and applications and steers the session appropriately when my mind begins to wander...'

Anjali is everything we think of when we think of a healing practitioner. She went above and beyond to reach out to me when my fear of medical assistance was triggered and made sure that I kept my appointment. My history is extremely complex and sensitive and Anjali took it in stride; while acknowledging the severity, she treated me like anyone else and created a neutral, safe experience that became a resounding new home base of self. 


The first appointment I was split into alters as I have history with DID and disassociation. I experienced such extreme relief rapidly and was able to self regulate easier than I had ever experienced. In my time working with her - in addition to my own practices including reiki, nlp and biotuning- I've been able to almost completely integrate the aspects I would split into. My sessions with her amplified the work i had been doing. As another practitioner in the healing world, it was a treat to watch Anjali navigate her trade and to experience her Ayurvedic mastery that felt like magic after a lifetime of dysregulation. We began with Somatic Trauma Resolution and moved into Ayurveda 


She stepped up and helped me out of an extremely vulnerable and dangerous phase of my life where other medical professionals had failed. She restored my faith in professional treatment and assistance and was open to my multifaceted belief structures and spiritual experiences. I could be myself in places other professionals had barriers, disabling them from being cooperative with my healing process and personal needs to feel seen and heard. 


Anjali is effortless in her gentle approach and applications and steers the session appropriately when my mind begins to wander or move towards thoughts unnecessary for the session. 


She is a great listener, detail-oriented practitioner, a loving and authentic human and an example of grace that many doctors and medical professionals should look to for inspiration. I plan on educating myself more about all I've experienced while being treated by Anjali and look forward to the other potentials our time together can open for me as my body recovers more and I experience genuine health for the first time.


I can only express the deepest of gratitude for the difference its made in my life and my daughter's. 

- K.H.

'During the session I felt old trauma being released from my body.'


In addition to the Ayurveda services you provide, I want to thank you for suggesting the Somatic Trauma Resolution therapy. During the session I felt old trauma being released from my body. After several months the changes have stayed with me. The Somatic Trauma Resolution is like EMDR on steroids. It is a cliche but I feel "empowered."

- Todd H.

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