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Product Request

Whether you are long distance, in need of refills between appointments, or would like to try some of the Ayurvedic and wellness products we offer you are welcome to submit an order request. Peruse our catalog of products and simply fill out the form below. We will be in touch to confirm your order as soon as we can. Check the bottom of this page for F.A.Q.'s regarding order requests. 

Thanks! Message sent.

Please note that there are shipping & handling fees applied to all orders being shipped. These fees will be added to your order total. 

Gift Certificates

Looking for a custom gift certificate amount?

Call us at 937-429-WELL (9355) or

email at

F.A.Q About Product Requests

Q: How soon will my order be ready once I submit my request?

A: Our typical hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Depending on when you submit your request we will be in touch that day or our next business day. 

Q: What if I cannot get there for local pick-up during office hours?

A: Not to worry, we have a drop box system that allows you to pick up at a time that works for you. 

Q: How do I pay for my order?

A: If you are local, you have the option of paying when you pick up or over the phone. For orders that need shipped you will be emailed an invoice via PayPal before we ship your items. (No PayPal account is necessary). If you have questions about this you are welcome to call at 937-429-9355. 

Q: When will I know my order is ready?

A: For locals, we will let you know when it is ready via email or phone. For items that are shipping we will let you know what day it will be going out when we confirm your order. 

Q: I am local but I don't know where you are located

A: Office hours, directions and how to park at the center can be found on our contact page.

Q: I don't know what products are right for me

A: We recommend a personalized Ayurvedic Assessment to help match you with the products most suitable for you and your current needs. Not local? We offer remote sessions that are just as effective! See our services here. 

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