Massage & Bodywork

Massage Therapy | 60 min | $70

with Tracey Hixon, LMT

Explore the benefits of your choice of massage technique and pressure with Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lymph Drainage or Hot Stone. A hot stone massage can is full body and performed with hot stones for a grounding and deeply relaxing effect. Lymph Drainage massage may also be available to cleanse the lymphatic system and help alleviate infections, allergies and cleanse the effects of chemotherapy or radiation.  A Deep Tissue massage can be done for deep-seated muscular tension. Or explore the benefits of oil massage providing pressure  along with the smoothness of warm oil from head to toe.

Massage Package Special | 6 massages 60min each| $360

Balance and Bliss | 3.5 hours | $369

Begin with a 60 min comprehensive Ayurvedic Consultation to determine your constitution, how to keep yourself balanced, and what massage oil best suits you. Then receive a full body warm oil massage with 2 of our therapists working in synchronization. This heavenly massage is followed by steam therapy with essential oil suited for your constitution and topped with a relaxing shirodhara treatment.

Ayurvedic Warm Oil Massage

60min with one practitioner  | $70

90min with one practitioner | $90

60min Four-handed with two practitioner |$130

Full body massage with warm oil suited to your constitution for total relaxation.  Choose from a 1 practitioner (two-handed massage) or 2 practitioner (four-handed massage) with two practitioners working identically on the left and right sides of the body with even pressure.  This is  very balancing for left and right sides of the brain, leaving you feeling relaxed and beautifully balanced.  Each massage ends with a soothing, steamy towel on the face and nasya oil to relieve sinus, head and neck tension.

Massage Package Special | Six 60min massages one practitioner| $360

Shirodhara | 60 min | $100

with Tracey Hixon, LMT

Be guided into relaxation with LMT Tracey Hixon with a gentle, continuous stream of warm oil is poured on the forehead inducing a womb-like state, helping to relax and calm the body. Includes scalp, head and neck massage.



Steam Therapy | 20 min | $40

with Tracey Hixon, LMT

Cleanse your body and open your pores in our deluxe steam tent with an essential oil suited for your constitution.



Warm oil therapy for the Ears | 30 min | $45

with Tracey Hixon, LMT

Warm oil therapy for the ears uses a gently heated sesame oil, renowned for its healing properties, poured into the ears. Particularly useful for tinnitus and hearing impediments.

Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic Acupressure)

60min Front Body| $80

90min Front & Back Body | $120

with Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Specialist & Marma Therapist

Balance the body, calm the mind, and facilitate overall healing with Marma therapy. Many come to Marma therapy for easing pain (headaches, migraines, past injuries, menstrual), lymph movement, energy support, emotional imbalances (such as depression, anxiety), immune & hormone system support, nervous system support and digestive issues. Learn more & Schedule

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Holistic Wellness & Energywork


35 min Session | $35

70 min Session | $70

85 min Session | $85

with Lori Slone, Registered Nurse, Clinical Reflexologist, Certified Holistic Health Consultant

A hands-on technique of precise application of pressure to reflex points on the feet, hands, and/or head. Sessions help to relieve stress and tension, promote relaxation, and can be adjunct to care provided by a medical doctor. 

For scheduling see Practitioners contact information


Aromatherapy | 60 min | $60

AromaTouch Therapy | 70 min |$70

with Lori Slone, Registered Nurse, Clinical Reflexologist, Certified Holistic Health Consultant

These consultations allow a client to choose an area of health concern to address, and a custom essential oil blend is created with their input. The client receives education on safe and effective ways to use their custom blend and obtain their desired outcome. Lori also offers AromaTouch therapy sessions where clients may experience the application of specific oils in a set sequence that are chosen for their anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties, as well as promote relaxation and balance. 

For scheduling see Practitioners contact information

Reiki Healing | 75 min | $80

with Renee Buerger, BSN, BA, RN, HNB-BC, SME, Reiki Master

Reiki is a hands on healing modality that is considered an energy based healing. We are all created of energy and a reiki treatment allows a Reiki practitioner to channel that universal energy through their hands either directly onto the client or through the energy field around the body (aura). This practice facilitates the balancing and calming of the nervous system, may help to move stagnant energy, and create an overall meditative effect. Crystal therapy is also included in Reiki sessions. Sessions may be done remotely or in person.

For scheduling see Practitioners contact information


Somatic Movement Education | 75 min | $80

with Renee Buerger, BSN, BA, RN, HNB-BC, SME, Reiki Master

SME is an approach to healing and personal development that utilizes body awareness, movement, imagery and experiential anatomy. Sessions are designed to support and enhance health and wellness. 

For scheduling see Practitioners contact information


Core Shamanic Healing| 60 min | $55

with Michelle Sampson, Shamanic Practitioner

Ancient journeying techniques are used to retrieve healing information for the client that helps to address the whole being.

For scheduling see Practitioners contact information

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