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Learn more about Heartfulness Meditation & the Heartfulness Institute:

Heartfulness Meditation Center - offering Free Meditation and Yoga classes 

Free Weekly Meditation

During these uncertain times and in the efforts to keep staff and clients safe and healthy, all meditations are done remotely on Fridays at 12:45pm and Wednesdays at 5:30pm. You are welcome to tune in via the link below. 


Join either meditation at the scheduled time by visiting:

Zoom Meeting ID:937 429 9355  Passcode: 08092001

To join by phone:

Meeting ID: 937 429 9355

Passcode: 08092001

+19292056099,,9374299355#,,,,*08092001# US (New York)

Join us at the Ayurveda Natural Health Center each Wednesday at 5:30pm and Friday at 12:45pm for Heartfulness Meditation led by Anjali Brannon. Heartfulness is a simple and subtle practice of meditation that connects each of us with the light and love in our hearts.

Heartfulness Meditation is taught in more than 130 countries around the world. Heartfulness is a unique practice that provides a path to balance, well being, and inner peace. No previous experience or registration is required. Heartfulness is not affiliated with any religion or spiritual practice and can be done by anyone who is ready for a life of greater well-being and balance. In each meditation session with a Heartfulness trainer, you receive yogic transmission to deepen your meditation and personal practice. 

Stay up to date on any cancellations by following us on Facebook or by calling 937-429-9355

More Opportunities to Practice Heartfulness Meditation below!


Global website for free online Masterclasses information:


Local website with daily group meditation info by Zoom, Facebook and Instagram:


Free Meditation App

  • For individual meditation session with a personal trainer logged on from around the world available 24/7: HeartsApp 

  • To help make meditation a habit: Heart In Tune app 

Universal Intention for Peace 

Time: 9:00 PM - 9:15 PM Eastern Time

Every week on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri.


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 874 8156 7239

Passcode: peace



Heartfulness Guided Relaxation and Guided Cleaning Videos on YouTube



We look forward to meditating with you!


“There’s this new feeling radiating from my chest area, outward into my body, mind and into the world at large.
I first felt it during my cleanse last year, and have felt it at various points since then. But, as I’ve continued my Heartfulness practice, it seems to be with me now more often than not….a first! I feel it most noticeably after meditation, and sittings. Maybe it’s love, but it seems to be slowly guiding me in an increasing manner, allowing me to relinquish fear as a driving force in my thoughts and actions.
It’s equanimous. Not overly intense, but also very noticeable. It seems to be transforming my moment-to-moment being into an increasingly visceral experience, with each physical object near me radiating joy and gratitude. I’m so unbelievably excited for life again. To be stepping into a level of trust and truth I’d always felt to exist but have gradually arrived at the capacity to step into on a timeline not my own.
I can’t thank you enough for your welcoming, leadership, grace and kindness thus far.”


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